Walk On Red Carpet Grammy by Burjalfalah

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Beautiful Dress Satin to Walk On Red Carpet Grammy by Burjalfalah

They all looked GREAT!!! My outfit actually consisted of a satin bodysuit and a sheer skirt that had been sitting in my closet for at least a year, waiting for the right moment.To be honest I forgot until I frantically searched for the right dress – it was a hit! After the red carpet we walked in to burjalfalah.com the show and it was YES. SO. I’ve been to awards shows that have dragged on but this one was energetic, with amazing performances and talks from some of my favorite artists. The ladies stole the night in every way, from tops and newcomers to old-school icons.By the end we were all dancing in the aisles and ready for the night.

His moniker, Fashion Roadman, was born in Lewisham. “I was always the weirdo wearing yellow skinny jeans, Nike Dunks, a silver studded belt and white shutter shades. I would dress weirdly. l had these people saying ‘You’re a Fashion Roadman’, which was a way of saying, ‘You’re dressing differently’. So, I took it and made it a name — even though Roadman basically means ‘gangster’.”

A chance encounter while working in a summer removals job at age 17 led him to a first fashion internship for Bernice Pan, the founder of Deploy London. He had a lot of questions about how the industry worked, but couldn’t find any answers from fashion YouTubers, who he watched regularly at the time. “What I realised when I did that first internship was that everything I was learning was not on YouTube — I could not find it anywhere. Like ‘what’s a buyer’ or ‘how do you make patterns’?”

It’s hard to believe that I started this blog ten years ago! I was 21, fresh out of college, and struggling to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. I was afraid of making the wrong decision about which career path to pursue, and I felt so much pressure to be successful at a young age. Even so, age 30 seemed so far away, and I felt like I had ample time to hit all the milestones I was “supposed to.” I envisioned that before 30, not only would I have a successful career, but I’d also be married with children and own my own home.

As the years passed, I had such a hard time coping–I was constantly second guessing myself, struggling financially, putting up with unhealthy and toxic relationships, (both with romantic partners and friends), and comparing myself to others. As all of it piled up, 30 loomed ahead, and I was convinced I had somehow failed because I “didn’t have my life together.”

However, why create a written product if you believe the appetite for reading is in decline? “I think the magazine is a niche thing that will never be as big as my YouTube channel. But, the magazine cost £50, and if you are going to spend that money on a book, I think you are going to read it.”

Ojo has now contributed to titles including Mr Porter’s editorial site and Business of Fashion and has appeared on Nick Knight’s Showstudio. He has just started posting content on TikTok, noting that it’s the “biggest opportunity” right now for growing his platform. However, after focusing on his studies he plans to return in earnest to his chief platform, YouTube, where he cites HauteLeMode, Fashionlover4, and Tuba Avalon as fashion accounts he follows. Prior to starting his course, says Ojo, he had a sponsorship deal for his YouTube content, an arrangement he ended in order to commit to his coursework.

A-Cold-Wall’s Ross says he will continue to follow Ojo’s progress: “Ayo’s voice and platforms illustrate and offer the essential need for critical historic thought across a new generation of designers, artists and industry contributors that will inherit the fashion industry.”

SK-II, the popular skincare brand, recently launched an aging campaign called The Expiry Date, and their video is back home. The idea of ​​a countdown to 30 is definitely something a lot of women struggle with and I love that the campaign draws the arc to let go of that shame. I realized that growing old is a privilege and beautiful, especially when focused on personal improvement and growth. Don’t ask yourself “what do I have to do”, ask yourself “how can I become a better person?”“This change in mindset changed my life and made me look forward to what the future holds instead of fearing it.

I still have moments of doubt. I keep having doubts about some things about my future, and there are definitely still days when I question my decisions. But all of that interests me less. I know that doesn’t define me, and I know that if I focus my energy on the person I want to become, rather than what others expect of me, I will be fine.

Ah, time flies – it feels like I’m releasing my latest collection! Nevertheless, I am very happy to present my new summer collection today! It’s definitely a departure from my other recent campaigns and projects and features some bright and fun costumes. From fun prints like pineapples and parrots to neon colors and rainbow stripes, this collection is fun for summer.

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