Various Popular Digital Screen Printing Techniques

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Various Popular Digital Screen Printing Techniques

The increasing demand for custom t-shirts has made digital screen printing business people vying to improve their custom t-shirt business. Currently there are many digital screen printing methods that are popular for use by business people in the field of digital screen printing. Let’s discuss one by one.

Screen Printing Techniques

Quoted from sablonmurahsolo.com The screen printing cutting method is not too complicated. You only need to cut the desired design on the heat transfer film (polyflex). You only need to provide a few tools such as cutting machines, polyflex materials, press machines, t-shirts, weeding tools to help make your peeling process easier.

Transfer Paper Technique

Screen printing using this method is screen printing which will print images or writing on special paper (transfer paper, through a special printer for garment materials, after which it is transferred to a t-shirt by pressing. There are 2 types of transfer paper, namely, transfer paper for white or light colored t-shirts , and transfer paper for dark t-shirts).

DTG Screen Printing Technique

In the DTG (Direct To Garment) screen printing method, you can directly print the image design onto your t-shirt material using a special printing machine. Usually this method is used for orders in large quantities.

Sublimation Technique

Next is the sublimation method. At first glance, this method is almost the same as the paper transfer method, but the ink and paper used for printing are sublime ink and paper. This method is also limited to mefia made of polyester and light colors.

DTF Screen Printing Technique

And the last one is DTF (Direct Transfer Film) screen printing. Currently this method is very popular because we can directly print the design you want on film paper, so you no longer need cutting or weeding steps. Produces solid colors, suitable for printing designs on large sizes.

So, that’s the digital screen printing method that is currently very popular and is often used by digital screen printing business people. Of the various methods, of course, each has advantages and disadvantages, so you can adjust it to your business needs.

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