Understanding Children’s Daycare and Its Strengths and Weaknesses

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Understanding Children’s Daycare and Its Strengths and Weaknesses

Like choosing a place for baby immunizations, choosing a daycare is also a bit tricky, especially during a pandemic like now. must know what the condition of the place is like, then determine whether the place is indeed worth choosing or not.

As a suggestion, you can choose daycare as a place to entrust your little one. This place is perfect for those who want to leave their little one in a safe place and have various supporting facilities. Daycare itself has advantages and disadvantages in it.

In the https://lallipopdaycare.com/ article, Merries will tell you what are the advantages and disadvantages of this daycare. However, Merries will first tell you a brief definition of daycare, which you can read below!

Definition of Daycare

In simple terms, daycare is a daycare that is managed by certain parties and has various facilities. This place is often chosen by parents who work and do not have relatives or household members who can replace them to take care of their little ones.

Based on the facilities, daycare is divided into several types, namely: daycare at home, daycare at schools, and daycare at service points (hospitals, places of worship, and offices).

Advantages and Disadvantages of Daycare

Merries will provide information on the advantages and disadvantages of daycare. Knowing these two aspects can help to consider whether your little one wants to be entrusted to daycare or not.


We start with the advantages. You could say that daycare has quite a lot of advantages. Those advantages are:

Equipped with breakfast, lunch and snacks that will be given every day. That way, there is no need to prepare food supplies for your little one.

Has a special education curriculum (some even have the equivalent of PAUD), as well as an orderly schedule of activities. Your little one can get new knowledge and activities.

All knowledge and activities available in daycare are adjusted to the age of your little one.

Little SI can learn to adapt to a new environment, socialize, and do activities together with other children. Such as sharing, lining up, or working together.

Equipped with professional teachers and caretakers. The nanny herself can be replaced by a new nanny if the nanny is unable to attend.

In some daycare, you will get special facilities in the form of access to monitor your little one’s activities online. Not only that, you will also receive documents on your little one’s activities in the form of photos and notes.

Behind the advantages, there must be disadvantages. This also applies to daycare. like it or not, you have to know this as a material for consideration before leaving your little one in daycare. The drawbacks are:

Your little one will be susceptible to viruses or diseases from other children, especially if the child is not fit. The virus or the disease itself is usually transmitted through interaction between the Little One and the child, or through the objects they use. Even so, some daycares have implemented certain policies to avoid the risk of transmitting viruses or diseases in their places.

Daycare operating hours are quite troublesome, especially for those who have to work overtime or go to the office early.

Even though there is a nanny there, your little one will still be prone to being hit by objects or other children, and falling while playing.

Because he meets other children, the Little One becomes vulnerable to being influenced by these children’s behavior. It is possible that the Little One will be affected by bad behavior.

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