Most Popular Typical Middle Eastern Food in Indonesia, Delicious and Addictive

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Most Popular Typical Middle Eastern Food in Indonesia, Delicious and Addictive

Middle Eastern cuisine includes a wide variety of foods, but the common thread is spices. Vibrant spices help create dishes with deep and complex flavors.

In Indonesia, there have been many Middle Eastern culinary delights that are eaten as food and daily snacks. What are these foods? Here are the most popular Middle Eastern specialties in Indonesia that will make you addicted:

Kebuli Rice

Reporting from https://www.taylorshastings.com/, one of the Middle Eastern specialties that is quite popular is kebuli rice. This food, which at first glance looks like fried rice, is synonymous with goat meat with quite sharp spices.

Kebuli rice or Kabuli palaw is a staple food in every Afghan gathering. Additionally, an Afghan woman’s marriage prospects are said to depend on her ability to make a palau qabili.

This national Afghan dish traditionally consists of long steamed rice mixed with caramelized carrots, raisins, almonds and chunks of lamb, although chicken and beef are also frequently used.

Its unique taste comes from a mixture of spices such as cumin, cloves, cardamom, turmeric and cinnamon.


Typical Middle Eastern food that we can easily find on the side of the road is kebab. The word kebab means ‘grilling’. This term can also be referred to as a meat patty mixed with spices.

Kebabs are thought to have originated in Turkey when soldiers roasted pieces of recently hunted animals in open fields.

There are many types of kebabs, some of the most famous include shish kebabs

Orman kebabs are made from grilled lamb, çoban kebabs are shepherd style grilled meats. Also popular are the habi osman kebab and kushbashi kebab, which are other skewered and grilled kebabs.

Koyun kebab is a whole lamb roasted in a covered pit. Kabarma kebab is very common, and kefenli kebab is a unique type of grilled meat wrapped in a bun.

In Saudi Arabia, shish kebabs or lahm mishwy (grilled meat) are basically a part of the traditional meal. A true shish kebab is made with chunks of marinated lamb attached to a metal blade skewer that is four-sided and flat for grilling.

Marinating techniques vary, but revolve around a concoction of lemon juice, olive oil, milk and yogurt, onion juice, cinnamon, wild marjoram, tomato juice and other spices.

Mary’s Bread

Maryam bread is a typical cake originating from the Middle East. Even so, this bread is quite popular in Indonesia. Moreover, how to make maryam bread is quite easy.

Roti maryam or also known as kue canai / cane is a type of flat bread that does not use leavening agents. This food is usually served as a staple or side dish and eaten with complementary ingredients or other dishes. Usually, roti maryam is eaten with curry or eaten with chocolate sauce, honey, cheese and other toppings to add to the flavor.

Maryam cake or bread is a type of bread that has a round shape with a soft and crunchy texture. In fact, many also call it kue canai or bun bun because it looks like a hair bun.

In some countries, such as Singapore, this bread is better known as the Roti Prata recipe or the Roti Canai recipe in Malaysia

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