Look at the Definition of a House, Its Function, the Ideal Conditions for Building a Place to Live, and Tips for Building a Dream House

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Look at the Definition of a House, Its Function, the Ideal Conditions for Building a Place to Live, and Tips for Building a Dream House

In general, a house is a building that is used as a dwelling place for humans for a certain period of time. Like animals that need nests, cages or cages, so do humans.

Humans also need a house as a place to live during their daily lives. Home is one of the main needs in human survival related to housing needs.

As is known, humans physically and mentally have various needs in order to live optimally healthy and prosperous. One of them is the basic or primary needs that must be met properly during his life.

Home as a Fundamental Boarding Need

The three basic or primary human needs include food, clothing and shelter. Food needs related to the fulfillment of food and drink.

While the need for clothing is the main need in the form of clothing to protect and cover the body. The third need and no less important is the need for boards.

Similar to food and clothing, shelter is also a basic, primary and primary need for every human being. The need for boards is related to housing.

Home As Fulfillment Of Psychological Needs

Apart from that, humans also need housing or shelter to avoid psychological disturbances and other things that could threaten their sense of security and survival.

The house inhabited by humans is not just a place to live. Home is also the fulfillment of one’s emotional and psychological needs. The house is a place to rest for its inhabitants, both physically and mentally (inner and outward).

The house is a place to live or a place for someone to do activities that are fun for him comfortably and freely. One can do the activity he chooses peacefully, peacefully and pleasantly at home.

What are the functions of the house?

Basically a house is a means and facility for someone to live their life. Here are some examples of its functions:

1. As a place to live and rest

Based on Law no. 4 of 1992 concerning Housing and Settlements, a house is a building that functions as a residence or residence, and a means of fostering a family.

Home is also a place to go home and rest comfortably, after outdoor activities. This includes work, school and so on.

2. Shelter from Changes in Natural Conditions

The shelter that humans need is a house in the form of a roofed building for shelter. The dwelling is useful as a place of self-protection and shelter, so that it is protected from rain, hot sun, wild animals, cold air and thieves/bad people.

3. A Place for Activities and Fostering a Family

Home is a place to chat, gather and spend quality time with all family members. In this moment, all residents can foster and communicate with each other, as well as forge closer relationships.

Not only that. Families can also do various activities and activities both individually and together at home. Among them such as cooking, sports, reading, watching, gardening and others.

4. As an indicator of status and identity

Often, the house is also used to indicate a person’s social and economic status. This is because the house is an extension of the tastes and thoughts of the human inhabitants.

Therefore, many people choose certain architectural and interior design models to ‘talk’ and show who they are. Starting from the color of the chosen house wall paint to the window model and the shape of the door, everything can show the identity of the occupants.

Simple or luxurious, the main essence of a house is to be a healthy place to live for humans, to be inhabited and occupied by them while they are still alive in the world, follow us for more.

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