List of Tattoo Recommendations

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List of Tattoo Recommendations

Therefore, size is not the most important thing because even a simple tattoo can have a big meaning. Basically, simple and small tattoos come out beautiful, subtle, strong, and have a deep message. At some point, one small symbol may even represent freedom, love, strength, honor, happiness, and so on. For those of you who want to have a small tattoo but have a big meaning, you can make the simple and meaningful tattoo design below as inspiration. visit us

Rune Inguz (Inwaz)

Rune is a secret alphabet letter that is believed to be related to the Vikings. Each alphabet in this letter has a different symbol and each represents its own idea, or personality trait. The inguz rune, for example, represents development, and growth. This symbol includes the same way of life “where there is a will, there is a way” that leads to success.

At first glance, this symbol looks like two X’s side by side with one position above the other. Some believe the “X side by side” symbol then represents protection, family, love, and awareness. Usually the inguz rune is placed on the wrist and includes the forearm, but due to its small size, you can choose other places according to your wishes.

Yin Yang

In Chinese philosophy, Yin Yang is a symbol that represents duality and balance. Therefore, this symbol is too suitable for people who want a balanced life. Yin Yang also symbolizes complementary dependencies. Like day and night that are too different, but in another way, they stay side by side. It will not be available during the day if it is not available at night, and vice versa.

In a deeper sense, Yin Yang states that in every darkness there is a speck of light and conversely, in bright light there will be darkness. Like life, proper composition also applies to photography. As explained by Peter Watson in his book Composition in the Landscape.

Paper plane

When you were little, you must have started to get excited when you saw the paper airplanes made by your parents fly. Even if it’s not that far away. In the world of tattoos, paper airplanes have a rather strong meaning. This symbol is often used as a reminder to let go of the things that are holding you back. Like emotions or memories that hold you from accessing a new page in your life. Let all of that fly together with the paper airplane that you throw into the air.

Some people consider it a symbol of courage in life, especially for love. Every human being naturally starts to worry about being hurt by other people, because of that more than one person is actually unable to access his heart for other people. However, experiencing new experiences and emotions is actually a good thing.

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