How We Can Fighting Infection to Preventing Stroke and Warding Off Depression

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How We Can Fighting Infection to Preventing Stroke and Warding Off Depression

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Medications can do wonderful things, from fighting infection to preventing stroke and warding off depression. But medications don’t work if they aren’t taken. Some people don’t take their medications as prescribed because they forget, or are bothered by side effects. A report from the National Center for Health Statistics shines the light on another reason: some people can’t pay for their medications.

The survey, by NCHS researchers Robin A. Cohen and Maria A. Villarroel, found that about 8% of adult Americans don’t take their medicines as prescribed because they can’t afford them. Insurance coverage often influenced this money-saving strategy. Among younger adults (those under age 65), 6% who had private insurance skipped medicines to save money, compared to 10% for those with Medicaid and 14% of those with no insurance. Among the poorest adults — those with incomes well below the federal poverty level — nearly 14% did not take medications as prescribed to save money.

Other strategies that those surveyed said they used to save money on drug costs included asking doctors for lower-cost medications, buying prescription drugs from other countries, and using alternative therapies (the page here).

Soaring medication costs
Given the range of health conditions that many adults face, from high cholesterol and high blood pressure to arthritis, diabetes, and more, it’s not unusual for some people to take five or more different prescription drugs per day. Some people I admit to the hospital have 10 or more different medications listed on their medical records. Even if they could afford them, managing that many different medicines is a challenge — and is often impossible.

Not taking medications as prescribed can cause serious problems. It can lead to unnecessary complications related to a medical condition. It can lead to a bad outcome, like a heart attack or stroke. It can also increase medical costs if hospitalization or other medical interventions are needed.

With the high price of most prescription drugs, it’s not surprising that many Americans choose not to fill a prescription or take it as directed to save money. Even with health insurance that includes a prescription drug benefit, the copayments alone can be a prohibitive.

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