How to Make a New Passport Online Along with the Prerequisites and Costs

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How to Make a New Passport Online Along with the Prerequisites and Costs

Information on procedures and prerequisites for making a new passport along with the costs needs to be known. Processing or making new passports or renewing old passports can be carried out easily according to the procedures and requirements for applying for passports that apply according to immigration regulations.

Check out the issue along with a complete explanation of the prerequisites and how to easily apply for a passport along with the costs, as the information on the legal global migration services Indonesia website follows.

As proven above, to make a passport, the applicant will be charged a number of rates for making a work passport. The cost of making an e-passport and the cost of making a physical passport will be different. The amount of this fee will be adjusted to the current 2022 passport application rate.

In practice, the process of making this passport will take some time. Often the queue for such a passport is long, so it is really advisable to make a passport long before applying. This is to prevent problems or even delays in departures which often result in losses.

But if you want a fast passport-making process, then the applicant can apply for an accelerated passport-making service at a rate of IDR 1 million. This service will allow the process of making a passport to be completed in just 1 day. This can be considered for various urgent or emergency situations. Payment of this rate will also prevent applicants from long queues for passports.

Passport Making Fee

The cost of making a passport is in accordance with Government Regulation of the Republic of Indonesia Number 28 of 2019 concerning Variations and Fees for Variations in Non-Tax State Revenues that Apply to the Ministry of Regulation and Human Rights: The following is a list of legal fees that must be issued for making passports:

Ordinary passport 48 pages: IDR 350,000
Electronic passport 48 pages: IDR 650,000
Passport expediting service completed on the same day: IDR 1000,000
However, passport services do not only provide new passports for ordinary people. Passport making services also include making lost passports, making damaged passports, and so on.

Travel documents such as passports for Indonesian citizens: IDR 100,000
Travel documents such as passports for foreigners: IDR 150,000
Lost passport loading fee: IDR 1000,000
Damaged passport loading fee: IDR 500,000

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