Besides Curry, These 5 Typical Indian Foods Are Also Famous for Their Deliciousness

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Besides Curry, These 5 Typical Indian Foods Are Also Famous for Their Deliciousness

Rich in spices and authentic flavors, food number 2 is really delicious, you know!

Indian cuisine is known for its varied flavors. The taste of the food becomes strong thanks to a number of these flavorful spices. It’s no wonder that Indian food is popular, especially for Indonesian people.

However, typical Indian food is not only about curry dishes. There are still many variants of taste and texture given from other types of dishes.

At first glance, the country’s cuisine, known as the iconic Taj Mahal, is indeed almost similar to Indonesian food. So it’s not surprising that there are many Indian foods other than curry which are favorites.

So, for those of you who are curious, try 5 other Indian specialties which are famous for their delicacy. Anything?
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From heavy meals to interesting and equally delicious treats, here are Indian specialties. Is there anything you want to try?

1. Samosas

Samosa is a typical Indian food served as a snack. Crispy skin filled with potatoes and spicy curry seasoned meat. This snack is like fried spring rolls but filled with curry and mint chutney sauce. Delicious eaten while still warm.

2. Biryani Rice

Who doesn’t know biryani rice? This typical Indian food is an example of using Basmati rice which has a longer and larger shape compared to regular rice.

The spices used also vary from turmeric, coriander, pepper to cardamom. The filling is usually goat meat.

3. Chicken Tandoori

This typical Indian food is called Tandoori because it is cooked using a Tandoor cookware, which is a traditional oven made of clay.

Before being grilled, the chicken is first marinated with yogurt and various kinds of special spices so that it is not only delicious but the chicken meat is also soft.

You do need to plan ahead, though, as coated chicken should keep in the fridge for at least 6 hours or overnight.
If you want, you can grill the marinated chicken over the stove to get the signature tandoori charcoal.

4. Tikka Masalas

This Indian specialty is a flavorful chicken curry dish.

Chicken prepared with cream, yogurt and Indian vegan curry spices. Tikka Masala is classified as a curry dish with a strong taste. Usually served with warm white rice.

5. Rogan Josh

For you spicy lovers, you must try this typical Indian food in the form of lamb curry.

Apart from using bay leaves, coriander, pepper, yogurt and spices, Rogan Josh, which is perfect to be enjoyed with naan bread or capati, also uses Kashmiri chilies, one of the hottest chilies in the world.

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