Avoid These Mistakes So You Don’t Regret Buying a Home

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Avoid These Mistakes So You Don’t Regret Buying a Home

Not Doing Enough Research

Buying a house is not an easy decision that can be made haphazardly. This decision can affect a person’s quality of life in the long run. So we should do research as carefully as possible in order to get the best house.

First of all do some research online and find homes that fit in with the budget. Compare the prices of houses on the market, check including the area and infrastructure services offered. Don’t forget to record it on the house list which you can then survey directly.

In addition to online research, you can also search for homes offline by asking friends and relatives directly. Ask for advice and advice they can get a good home area, as well as information about interesting new housing to glance at. In essence, do research and search together as thoroughly as possible so that you are sure that the house you choose is the best home for you and your family.

Not Carrying Out A Thorough Survey

Having finished online and offline research, now is the time for you to visit the area of the house that you are after. At this stage, the mistake that home buyers often make is not checking the atmosphere of the house and its surroundings carefully.

When surveying, make sure you don’t let small details come out trivial. For example, regarding the availability of clean water, waste management, general services around the house, traffic conditions, and so on.

If you have to talk to your neighbors more or less and ask about your home environment, is it prone to flooding, is the security good, and so on. Do not let you buy a cat in a sack and regret it after settling in a new house.

Choosing A House Price Beyond Ability

When finding a house that we are appraising, we often ignore the real price of the house above the budget. The reasons are various, ranging from the prime and ideal atmosphere of the house, to the price that is just a little over the budget.

This mistake is fatal, you know, and the impact we can feel for our finances in the long run. Even though it’s only slightly above the budget, there are always extra funds beyond the calculations that we have to spend. As a result, our other financial posts can also be disrupted.

We can feel a more severe impact if we have to issue bigger mortgage repayments because of this. Our financial burden becomes increasingly heavy for the next decades until the mortgage repayments are paid off.

Avoid Hilly Locations

Even though it looks beautiful, it also takes into account the potential dangers such as the contours of the land which are easily avalanched. Uphill access, in the long run, can make the vehicle’s engine more easily damaged if you don’t take care of it diligently.

Maybe that’s all the reviews regarding tips on choosing a good home area. Remember that the determination of this area is very important for the longevity of your home in the future.

Avoid Very Crowded Locations

Tips for choosing the next residential area are so that you avoid choosing a very densely populated area. This very dense location is vulnerable to various risks. For example, a fire hazard that spreads easily, especially if the area does not have an emergency extinguishing process.

Checking the Legality Aspect

Before making sure to choose to buy, you should first check the legality factor for the area. As for the legality factor that can be asked to the Developer Company is a copy of the master certificate for the selected housing area, the next subject is to add certainty regarding the validity of ownership of the land that can later be developed (split on the master certificate) into SHGB or SHM on the plots chosen subsequently not in in trouble.

Apart from the development company, this can include asking the nearest kelurahan or sub-district regarding the design of a housing area, whether it has obtained principal permits for the area in question. The legality element above applies to housing areas that are very new to being built, while for residential areas that have been/are being built you can ask in more detail such as: Land documents (AJB, PHTB, SHM/SHGB), completeness of IMB.

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