5 Street Food in Mumbai, The Spice Taste Is Delicious Not Tricky

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5 Street Food in Mumbai, The Spice Taste Is Delicious Not Tricky

You are on vacation to the city of Mumbai, so it won’t be complete if you haven’t tried Indian culinary specialties, which have unique flavors, spices, and a unique way of serving which are also the hallmarks of culinary in India. So, do you know that there are lots of street food along the streets of Mumbai, and this time we will discuss what culinary delights you must try while in Mumbai. Instead of being curious, take a look at the following article, we’ll tell you 5 must-try street food in Mumbai, sure to make your culinary exploration in the city of Mumbai fun and memorable!

1. Sev Castle

Quoted from theindiastandoori.com street food, what we will discuss first is Sev Puri, which is a favorite culinary dish for Indians, and it is not uncommon for tourists who have tried Sev Puri to say that Sev Puri is very delicious! Sev Puri itself consists of puri which is flat cut into pieces, and topped with potatoes, onions, coriander leaves, sev, garlic sauce, tamarind, chili, young mango, lastly will be sprinkled with Sev. So as to create sour, sweet, savory, spicy flavors, and become one in 1 portion of Sev Puri. This one snack is very famous in Mumbai, and you really have to try it.

2. Pav Bhaji

Pav Bhaji is a heavy meal that you can make an option for lunch, and 1 serving of Pav Bhaji is very full. This Pav Bhaji has a spicy taste, and there is Green Chutney that adds to the delicacy of Pav Bhaji. This Pav Bhaji is eaten together with bread that has been baked, and will be enjoyed with warm Pav Bhaji. To find Pav Bhaji, you can find it on the side of the road in Mumbai, and several markets in Mumbai usually sell Pav Bhaji dishes. The taste of spices in 1 portion of Pav Bhaji is very distinctive, so make sure this Pav Bhaji is included in the list of street food that you must try!

3. Chai

Chai is a typical Indian drink that you really have to try while in India. This chai consists of tea, milk, cardamom, ginger, and a few spices. a cup of Chai will be served warm, and Chai is believed to relax the mind when we drink it. So don’t be surprised if there are lots of Chai sellers in Mumbai. So, instead of being curious, just try Chai, which tastes unique, delicious, and the spices in 1 cup of Chai add to the feeling of relief when drinking it.

4. Pani Puri

This one snack is indeed very famous in India, and always makes tourists curious about its taste. So there is a small puris that has a hole in it and will be filled with potatoes, green beans, spices, seasonings, and will be filled with water. so the taste of 1 Pani Puri fruit is sweet, salty, savory, and crunchy. This Pani Puri must be eaten directly on the spot so that the dough in the Pani Puri remains crunchy. Pani Puri is very popular among Indians, and finding Pani Puri is quite easy on the side of the road in Mumbai.

5. Jeleby

The fifth ranked snack looks interesting, and Jelebi is a sweet dish that is usually served with Samosa. So usually Indian people eat Samosa with Jelebi guys, this is a combination of flavors that Indians like, namely salty and sweet into one. So when you find Samosa, you will also find Jelebi. Finding Jelebi is quite easy, there are lots of shops, cafes and markets in Mumbai that sell Jelebi mixed with Indian Samosas.

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