10 Justin Bieber Tattoos and Their Meanings

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10 Justin Bieber Tattoos and Their Meanings

For fans of tattoos there is a special pleasure when the needle tattooed on the skin. Maybe this is felt by Justin Bieber who continues to add tattoos.

Bieber seems to be addicted to tattooing his body with pictures or symbols. All the tattoos on his body have their own meaning for Bieber.

What do the pictures on each of Bieber’s bodies mean? Check out the following.

1. Angel

Quoted from asyoulikeittattoo.com, this angel tattoo on the wrist was inscribed on April 22. Judging from the details of the picture, the angel’s face seems familiar, similar to Selena Gomez. Was this tattoo really meant for him?

2. Owl

Justin Bieber is back tattooing his body with an owl image. This old school style tattoo looks right perched on his right arm. There is a meaning in the owl tattoo which symbolizes wisdom, majesty and strength.

3. Greek symbol

This X-like tattoo is a Greek symbol which means Christianity. Justin, who grew up in a religious family, tries to remind him of the religion he adheres to. The tattoo can be seen on his right arm.

4. Praying Hands

Another Justin tattoo that he dedicated to his faith. An old school tattoo of a praying hand tattooed on his left leg. Previously the tattoo was just a hand, but Justin added a rose underneath and it looks great.

5. Believe

The appearance of the BELIEVE album in 2012 made Justin tattoo the inscription on his hand. He wanted to remember the moment the album gave birth to the Beliebers generation. A simple tattoo that has many meanings for Justin.

6. Crown

This crown tattoo on the left chest was made by Justin in August 2012. This tattoo has a philosophy that he dedicated to pop stars. Michael Jackson. Could be a hope for Justin to be as popular as Michael someday.

7. Roman numerals

The Roman numeral tattoo on his right chest is dedicated to the special woman in Justin’s heart. No, not Selena Gomez, but her mother, and the tattoo says 1975, the year her mother was born. This tattoo was made in January 2013.

8. Indians

This Indian tattoo, made in 2013, is dedicated to Justin’s grandfather. This is the mascot of the Canadian hockey team which is the favorite team of Justin and his grandfather.

9. Seagull

Although small, this tattoo has its own meaning for Justin. This is a traditional tattoo from Justin’s family which is done on his 16th birthday.

Justin’s father and grandfather also have the same tattoo on his stomach. This tattoo is adapted from the cover of Jonathan Livisington’s fairy tale book, Seagull.

10. Yeshua

There are 4 religious tattoos inscribed by Justin Bieber on his body. One of them is the word Yeshua from the Hebrew language which means Jesus.

The tattoo is placed on Justin’s left ribs. This tattoo was made when Justin toured Israel in 2011 with his father who tattooed the same word.

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